Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Triumphant return!

Ten days in the great grey north had me rather distracted from blogging, but onward! Upward! I'm back home and cuddling my sweet, beautiful desert, basking in the sunshine like a lizard, looking forward to the coming days of weather in the sixties. And New Year's Eve, I'm looking forward to that too! Which is good, since it's tomorrow. I have a pretty killer outfit, and hope to coax my best pal into taking over photographic duties from my noble tripod while she's in town. So there'll be another lapse in posting, but then, oh man! More pictures! Some of them even from different angles! The excitement, the anticipation, the transliteration!

On December 20th I got up bright and early for my yearly shopping trip with my father, and of course dragged him to the nearest Target so I could leap onto the Rodarte collection. I got five things, of which this dress is one.

Dress, Rodarte for Target. Over the knee socks, Betsey Johnson.

Shoes, from Target.


Upon seeing this dress I went, oh, Courtney Love in the nineties, wear it with rose-embroidered Doc Martens; done and done. But while browsing Target a few nights ago (I live across the street from one and like to take walks; I end up at Target a LOT) I came across these shoes on sale and realized that with knitted tights and said dress I could go in a different direction: saucy thirties lounge singer. Too much antique and vintage shopping always gets me in a mood to dress like I'm in a different decade, and right now I'm feeling the twenties and thirties.

I'm also feeling female vocalists in a big way; my playlists lately have been a head-spinning mix of Company of Thieves, Metric, The Like, Lady Gaga, old school Fiona Apple, Paramore, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tegan & Sara, The Kills, etc. Kind of dying for something new to listen to at this point, any suggestions? The above selection covers my musical interests fairly well.


  1. Unfortch for you, my dear, most of the ladysingers I like best tend to be of the Broadway persuasion. If you like Rent, though, it's worth checking out Brooklyn the Musical for Eden Espinosa, who's got a pretty stunning set of pipes. Going in a more band-like direction, Tsunami Bomb or the singer's follow-up project, The Action Design, might tickle your fancy. I love Michelle Branch's first album The Spirit Room, and it holds up pretty well nearly ten years later. Charlotte Sometimes' first album was kind of hit-or-miss, but the hits were amazing. If you have a high tolerance for falsetto, Annie Stela's a good bet. I like Brandi Carlile when I'm in a guitar-type mood, and Anna Nalick's album Wreck of the Day still gives me happy shivers.

    I can send you any or all of that which tickles your fancy, let me know.

  2. Yay lady singers! I suspect I don't know and love any you haven't already tried out. Um, Portishead? Their first album would go well with your saucy 30s lounge singer ensemble, anyway.

    NYE outfit, I can't wait to see it!

  3. Did you ever listen to Azure Ray? Probably too twee for you, which means that probably Maria Taylor's too twee as well, alas, alack. Maria Taylor's album 11:11 is so very a+!