Saturday, December 12, 2009

Glitter on the wet streets.

I finally got these shoes in the mail, glory hallelujah Merry Christmas to me, etc! I'd been considering them for ages (fact: I either make total impulse purchases or agonize over them for 3-6 months before buying), and had almost decided to go with a pair of Lanvin lace-ups instead on the basis of practicality. My main issue was whether or not they would last me for years - i.e., would I still be wearing them in my mid-thirties? Eventual conclusion: hell yes I'm going to be the kind of woman who wears silver glitter Oxfords in her thirties. Anddd purchased.

Shoes, Christian Louboutin. Bunny socks, gift from Jessa.

I originally planned to debut them with jeans, so as not to disco anyone to death, but then I put on this vintage dress for kicks, and with this 1949 Seventeen cover in mind, decided to make the shoes the focal point of an otherwise polite fifties-ish sweater girl look.

Sweater, D&G. Dress (under sweater), vintage.

The full swinginess of the dress isn't apparent here, but trust me, it's amazing. Also invisible: the fact that I cut about four inches off the ends of my hair yesterday, after seeing it in the mirror and realizing it was a complete disaster. I also took a bunch of pictures of myself jumping up like an even more demented Caroline Trentini, but it turns out it takes practice to get that right on a self-timer, and contrary to popular statement practice does not actually make perfect. Or possibly it does, but I got tired of jumping. So until lazy makes perfect, those pictures will not see the (relative) light of (gloomy, drizzly, winter) day.


  1. HEY HEY I LIKE YOUR SOCKES and your 50s girl look!

  2. Man, I really like that look! I'd always thought of those shoes as being good with jeans or a really colourful ensemble, but they look great with what you've got here. Like, just A+++. \o/