Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hey kid, you'll never live this down.

I've been thinking about this look for awhile now, and have only just now gotten all the necessary parts for it, like a car that's ready to run. In my head it had sort of a rockabilly/New Jersey/Amy Winehouse vibe (clearly I somehow think these things go together), I wish I had a better grasp of hairstyling so I could do something appropriate that goes along with the look. For now, I'll settle for rocking the look as is, probably with a red jacket over it so I don't freeze in the December weather. Fun times...

Top, Odille. Jeans, Citizens of Humanity. Shoes, Christian Louboutin.



I've been obsessed with these shoes for months and months, pleased to finally have them in my closet. The shade of blue is so interesting, I look forward to seeing what other outfits I can pair with them in the coming months! I think they'll rule for spring.

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