Sunday, November 22, 2009

Those lazy, hazy days of November.

Autumn still gets me in the mood for school, in a sort of roundabout way - like school in the sense of New England boarding school. Not that I attended one of those, but in my head they're all very idyllic and beautiful, and I mourn that I'll never get to experience one for myself. Until my next life, though, I think I'll just aim vaguely for Eastern prep and hope I land somewhere awesome.

T-shirt, Fluxus. Skirt, D&G. Boots, 8th St.

Cardigan, D&G.


Ring and souvenir pin, vintage.

The souvenir pin celebrates Admiral Dewey's May 1, 1898 Manila Victory. I've gotten into souvenir pins and badges lately - they add something weird to an outfit, which I appreciate. I'm pretty obsessed with this D&G cardigan too, it's printed with a scene from the French opera Don Quichotte highlighting the character Sancho Panca. It's also pretty cozy.

Tomorrow I'm headed up north to visit my parents and grandparents for the holiday. I look forward to subsisting on Tofurkey Jerky and dressing for much colder weather. Jeans and sweaters ahoy!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bella Italia

Something simple that'll go from day to date, perfect for a sunny Saturday.

Dress, Dolce & Gabbana. Shoes, Marni.

Ring, antique.


Friday, November 20, 2009

More practically speaking.

I like to take walks around my neighborhood - I'm within walking distance of the local casino/shopping area (hello, Las Vegas Valley!), Target, Fresh & Easy, Whole Foods, and my local library. This makes for a very nice series of reasons to get my ass out of the house, and get some fresh air and exercise besides. Of course, my usual dresses and heels don't work too well when I'm stomping down the parkway. Thus, a more reasonable outfit for taking a walk to my local biblioteca:



3.1 Philip Lim tank top, Current/Elliot jeans, Doc Martens.

Current/Elliots are often awesome but give me ridiculous amounts of trouble with the fit, seeing as I have insanely muscular calves. I've tried on some pairs that are cut so skinny in the calf area that I literally cannot pull them up that far. These work out well though - the zipper offers breathing space, and most importantly there's just enough wiggle room to zip them over my Docs, creating a nice sort of seal to keep out the cold air. Or the air that will be cold once it stops being 69 degrees in November.


Already returned the top one, a semi-interesting history on eugenics in the US. I'm halfway through The Monster of Florence, which is interesting and salacious, but so far not as great as the cover. Looking forward to Thunderstruck, though.

How To Marry A Russian Billionaire

Inspired by Ms. Onopka's upcoming nuptials and a trip to the Forum Shops at Caesar's, I got all dressed up yesterday to hit the Apple store and do a little shopping besides. D&G's A/W 2009 collection really appealed to me, with its blend of Renaissance and opera prints paired with the usual sleek D&G silhouette. I went a little crazy with it this season (not helped by the private sale yesterday...hello 40% off) and wish I could have gone crazier still with some of the runway pieces. But I'm happy to have what I got.

D&G top, skirt, and brooch. YSL heels.



The brooch actually came attached to a D&G t-shirt. It was sewn on, but there was a proper pin on the back, so I very carefully snipped it off so I could wear it elsewhere. I'm still trying to master high-waisted skirts, I think they look much better paired with a belt or something to break up the look unless there's a different-colored waistband to help that along.

These are some of my favorites from the collection:

Some parts of this collection veered too far over from tapestry and landed on couch upholstery, but this dress was just right.

I loved that the silver design was printed onto this jacket, not sewn on.

I don't think this exact skirt (dress?) ever went into production, which is a damn shame because it's one of my favorites from this collection.

Tried this bad boy on yesterday...ridiculously gorgeous. The skirt has the most beautiful print.

Finally, my lost love. I tried this one on and adored it but couldn't quite justify the cost, and now that the sale is on of course it's sold out. Alas, alas. We'll meet again someday, La Traviata dress, perhaps in fashion heaven where all the pretty things go to die.

No detail shots for this collection, unfortunately, so I can't exclaim further over the gorgeous shoes which I would have ordered yesterday had I not discovered that D&G doesn't even make shoes in my size. Brutal. Oh well, gotta have size 41 feet to support five feet and eleven inches of person, I suppose. So maybe I didn't need those insane cushioned platform heels after all. (No, I actually did. I weep, damn you D&G!)

I definitely didn't love the S/S 10 collection, though, so I doubt I'll be on the D&G train much longer. I tend to be more into specific collections than pledging allegiance to any one designer, although the Mulleavys at Rodarte have yet to let me down, and I'm never too mad at Christopher Kane. It'll certainly be interesting to see what catches my eye when the spring collections mosey onto the shelves.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Greek Way

Sometimes I like my clothes to look back at me. This vintage dress is one of my favorite things I own, and probably the best example of my mini-obsession with clothes with faces...something you're sure to see more of on this blog.

front view



on a swing

back view
Dress, vintage. Boots, purchased on 8th St. in NYC many moons ago...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Adventures in Yamhill County


Just got back from visiting my grandparents in Dundee, Oregon. I spent a week up there with them going antiquing, eating out, and playing many many games of cards and dominoes. I decided to start wearing vintage souvenir badges and pins, and that will commence pretty soon. I could pretty contentedly go antiquing every day, it's that perfect combination of history lesson and treasure hunt, and I've found some pretty great stuff for pretty low prices.

Of course, like any sort of shopping trip, there's always the one that got away (vintage blue candy striper's uniform, why didn't you fit me?) and the ones that were juuuust out of my price range (original General Electric calender with Maxfield Parrish's Reveries, why aren't you on my wall RIGHT NOW?), but I still came home with a decent haul. I'm sure many of those pieces will crop up on this blog as I invent reasons to wear them, like it's Thursday and I have to go to the store.

I'm a tree!

In the meantime, I had my Grammy take a bunch of pictures of me in this little park. This one's my favorite. I'm a tree! I ended up giving her this GAP sweater from last fall. She loved it more than I did.


This is a dress of hers that she wore to my parents' wedding. My parents plan to renew their vows next autumn, and I think I might wear this for kicks. It's actually backwards - the front of it is higher, but Grammy wore and preferred it this way. Scandal!

city on a hill

Oregon wine country is almost gorgeous enough for me to look past the weather. Almost.

yeah Ed Hardy

Finally, from the bowling alley: have you ever SEEN classier stickers? No, I know. No one has.