Monday, September 13, 2010

spy vs. spy


Couldn't resist...


I don't think I've owned a pair of shoes in two different colors before, but this is a special case! I first saw these Vera Wang Lavender Label wedges in the black at Intermix, but they never had them in my size. Then I got a giftcard for Nordstrom, and they happened to have them there in the cream color, and I ended up loving them. Happened by chance to click on an old link for the black ones on Shopbop last week and found a few pairs in stock, super on sale and available only in my size...fate? Yeah, I think so. Of course as soon as they were delivered I couldn't stop thinking of them as the evil twin version of the cream-colored ones, thus today's double dose of outfitery. They're pretty comfortable, and I'm beyond stoked to wear them with jeans once it gets colder, I think that'll look sick.

Here's a closer look at both outfits!

Vintage lace dress over Pins and Needles romper, Vera Wang Lavender Label wedges.

Puella dress (possibly a nightgown, shh), Vera Wang Lavender Label wedges.

And if you want to read what I have to say about clothes that aren't my own, here's the latest issue of Desert Companion for your reading pleasure(?). Take my fall fashion advice! I promise it's pretty good.