Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Marc of hearts

I know what you've been thinking lately: the quality of the images on this blog is just too high. Well fear not, my pixel-craving compadres, today I bring you shots not from my still-broken camera, but from that garden of earthly delights known as Photo Booth!

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Dress, Marc Jacobs. Shoes, Miu Miu. Fierceness, all me (also some Tyra).

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The reason I resort to such drastic measures is because The Outnet is having a really really fantastic sale on the Marc Jacobs SS09 collection, which is one of my favorites ever, and I want everyone to have pieces from it so I can see it on your blogs and be like "yessss, wasn't it good? You guys, it was so good," and then we can all do the can-can of Marc is a Genius, and no one will mention the travesty that is Louis Vuitton SS10, as I've wrapped myself in a blanket of denial about that one and no one can unsnuggle me from it.

The dress I'm wearing above was one of my favorites of the collection and remains one of my favorite dresses. Unfortunately most of the sizes that would fit me are sold out on The Outnet, but maybe your size isn't sold out? Go get 'em! Here are a few of my favorites:

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How hideously amazing is this dress? I love the color combination.

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I love how every element of this dress is faintly ridiculous. Out of control draping and lots of fabric? Sure. A sort of awkward, meaningless length? Okay! Plastic chains hanging from the belt? Why not, he's Marc Jacobs!

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Deliciously strange brocade leaves! I'd love to see the tree from which they fell.

Click through at leisure, let me know if you pick anything up!

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  1. i've got some serious love for the ss09 collection (and those miu miu flats, wow). great post!