Monday, February 22, 2010

lace + tapestry + flowers

Top, Pinko 1966. Skirt, vintage.

I've been looking for a good tapestry skirt for awhile, and I fell in love with this blue and green floral one the last time I was in LA. I was originally iffy on the top, but once I tried it on with the skirt everything made sense. I've loved the idea of combining different florals since Dolce & Gabbana started doing two contrasting florals on one piece, as seen in these SS10 pieces:



Similar looks showed up for FW09 in stores (both department and boutique), though they didn't appear on the runway, which is weird. Obviously Dolce & Gabbana take it a little more luxe, and bless them for it. I've noticed as well that some of the store pieces have different textures to them, with light quilting and metallic threads. That's reflected to a certain extent in my look, with the tapestry and the soft lace top (which is sheer as well).

It's great inspiration - I'm also, funnily enough, finding a lot of inspiration in the D&G SS10 collection which I overall really didn't like. The lace dresses in particular seem stuck in my head. I need to get over to the boutique here and see some of the new pieces for myself, I think. I doubt the denim prints are going to do anything for me, but who knows, right?

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