Wednesday, February 17, 2010

most Hallmark-friendly of all saint's days

Okay, work with me for a second - we're about to go back in time. Back in time, to three days ago, when it was Valentine's Day and I wore this outfit:

Pink lace dress, vintage, over red dress, American Apparel. Shoes, YSL.

Detail of the lace.

Time travel is intense, isn't it? Try to keep up. I played Miss Lonelyhearts for VDay, dressed up in my girliest colors and took to Neiman Marcus for makeup shopping and lunch at the cafe. If you can't be someone's valentine, I think the second best option is to just BE a valentine. The lace dress is vintage and super pretty, and will be worn with a black dress beneath it on all other days of the year, I think. Also might hike it up to wear as a shirt with jeans and platforms.

It's been a pretty low-key week, with much pawing at the internet for all the F/W shows. Expect a post on my favorite looks pretty soon.

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  1. That dress is GORGEOUS, Miss Lonelyhearts. :)