Saturday, February 13, 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen.


A few days before it happened, I'd been playing catch-up on Tumblr and laughed at something Tavi reblogged and added to, the well-known "cerulean" speech from The Devil Wears Prada. To this, Tavi had added I look forward to when I’ve been obsessed with fashion for so long that I can be like WELL IN THE OLDEN DAYS OF 2009 ALEXANDER MCQUEEN SHOWED THIS AND NOW IT IS 3207 AND YOU THINK YOU’RE TOO GOOD FOR FASHION EVEN THOUGH YOU WERE CLEARLY TRYING TO LOOK LIKE A LIZARD THIS MORNING and yeah, which, caps of enthusiasm and absurdity aside, still felt pretty damn true. McQueen was so far ahead of the curve that it doesn't seem far off to assume that his work will still be an influence far into the future, when the rest of the populace catches up and we all roll out of bed trying already to figure out what snakeskin to wear, and get dressed up for prom in shipwreck dresses, and totter out of our Jetsons-style houses on shoes that make us look and feel like the cyberpunk aliens we know we are.

It's almost unthinkable that we won't get to see what he was going to hit us with next, what insane collection would have the kids of 3208 rolling out like feathers and skins and bustles or whatever are just what you do. McQueen designed for the future; it's a shame he won't be around to see how long his influence will undoubtedly last.

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