Tuesday, February 16, 2010

fairies, denim, cork

I have a new camera! A friend recommended the Canon Powershot, which is working really well so far. The Samsung SL620 sucked seriously hard, and had some of the poorest customer service I've ever received to back up that suckage, so in case you were thinking of buying a Samsung camera: don't. Anyway, so far this one is working swimmingly. Chief among its virtues is that it takes three shots in a row on a timer, and stays in that mode, until you change it. Awesome. Despite that, I have but one shot to show you:

T-shirt, Prada. Jeans, Rich & Skinny. Shoes, Target. Birdcage necklace, craft shop charm and chain.

The t-shirt has a fairy on it, as seen in the SS '08 collection. I got it from Wasteland a little while ago. The wedges were five bucks from Target (seriously), and the jeans were hand-me-downs, making this a ridiculously cheap outfit, all told. Can't argue with that. It's that awkward temperature outside where having skin covered is a little warm but leaving it uncovered is a little cold, but I suppose it can only really get warmer from here. And then, dare I say, outdoor shots perhaps?

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