Sunday, January 31, 2010

Because I constantly strive for improvement.

It's late on a Sunday night, I'm drinking Diet 7-Up and eating macadamia nuts. I had a fairly dull weekend of being crabby, but tomorrow is a new day, am I right? I can be crabby on weekdays too, just you watch me.

I took these pics awhile back when I was still fiddling with my camera. My camera, which is currently broken. Thanks, Samsung, for sucking. I appreciate it. Anyway, I did actually wear this outfit today (with a black American Apparel cardigan, just try to picture it. God, I know, amazing right?) and some tights.

Dress, vintage. Boots, Doc Martens. Menacing smile, all me baby.


I have these beautiful visions that I'll be able to find some sort of camera repair person in town that I can just bring the camera to and have them fix it so I can avoid mailing it off to Samsung and waiting hundreds of years to get it back...but my hopes, they are not up. Especially considering that when I talked to a Samsung person online when the camera first got messed up, she tried to convince me I needed to buy a new battery; I later found out from my roommate and his mad Googling skills that it was in fact a problems with the lens. In conclusion, Samsung people are incompetent and the products are nothing to sing about either. Anyone have recs for a better camera?

In other news, I went to the Go Raw Cafe today, where they make ridiculously amazing vegan mochas with whipped cream that's made from brazil nuts and, judging by the taste of it, angel wings. The non-Whole Foods-y vegan options in Vegas are few and far between, but what we have kills it pretty hard. Nonetheless I'm pleased to be taking a trip to LA this weekend, home of so many amazing vegan places that it's kind of obnoxious, and home also of my BFF who will take me to them. Being able to order everything on a menu: not a thing you appreciate until you decide that you don't want to eat all the dead things on the menu. We're also going to Disneyland on Superbowl Sunday. So this weekend should be better than the last, and that's all I ask for, really. That, and a working camera.


  1. The second picture in particular is GORGEOUS, the swirl of the skirt!!! It looks so delicate and ladylike and graceful, and the boots are a perfect contrast without being cliche. Sweet outfit! I'm sure it looked great with the cardigan, but you should definitely wear it without as well.

    Hooray for LA! Nothing here is obnoxious, geez. NOTHING.

  2. beautiful dress and the boots look fabulouss
    thanks for the sweet comment :)

  3. nice the color. This is great blog. xoxo

  4. Gorgeous dress! You can just tell from the shape that it is vintage... I also really like the contrast between the vibrant colour of the dress and the grungy-ness of the boots.
    Thanks for your comment on my debate, it was very insightful.