Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter = long sleeves and boots.

Here's what I wore on New Year's Eve during the day:

Tulle top, Rodarte for Target, over tank top, American Apparel. Skirt, D&G. Boots, 8th Street.

Somehow this skirt ended up being one of my favorites; it pairs so well with these boots that I can't seem to stop wearing it. I like wearing skirts in winter (wherein values of winter = the high is 64 degrees today, I love you Las Vegas) and pairing them with boots is a nice way to make it warm enough. Although last night in Border's I still froze to death. (Why do they keep it so cold in there? Is it because they don't want me to sit in the cafe for hours reading all the international versions of Vogue? That's probably why.)

Dress, vintage. Scarf used as belt, 2006-era Panic! At The Disco merch. Boots, 8th Street.

And yesterday's outfit. I love this dress, it's so fun and loungey. I initially had it belted with a brown leather belt (fun fact: also 2006-era P!ATD merch), but I couldn't get it to hang right, and then it just looked too harsh. So I went with the scarf as belt (in homage to, yes, '06 Ryan Ross). I'm still trying to figure out other things to do with it, I look forward to messing around with this dress more in the future. Also looking forward to running my errands during the day so I'm not fleeing from door to car in my cute, fun, but not quiiiite warm enough ensembles. Is it spring yet?!

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