Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Say, say you wanna run away.

This morning at 6:30 a.m. I was awoken by the sound of a blaring TV a few feet from my head; there being a wall between my head and said TV was little help in muffling the dulcet sounds of the porn my erstwhile neighbor sometimes indulges in, and always, always at decibel levels the likes of which imply that s/he has neither shame nor concept of wall thickness. This was the first time I'd been awoken by such a racket, and after blearily trying to approach an understanding as to what I was hearing/why god why I was hearing it, I located the presence of mind to smack the wall, hard, three times in succession. After a moment, the noise ceased.

I regret to report that the day did not improve overmuch from there. I went grocery shopping, but didn't get out much otherwise thanks to the dreadful and unceasing rain. At least I had the joy of wearing my new shoes - or, as I like to think of them, my disco stilts.

Shirt, American Apparel. Jeans, J Brand. Shoes, (believe it or not) Jessica Simpson.


Necklace, vintage Greek pendant on a cord from the craft store.

The outfit was pretty simple today, because a. it's cold, and b. when you're 6'5" in platforms people will mostly be looking at your shoes anyway. The shoes were a moral dilemma, but seeing as they were the type of shoe that I passed in a shop window and then actually turned around to walk back and look at, I figured they were at least worth trying on - and then they proved surprisingly easy to walk in and were actually fairly comfortable. Sometimes amazingness trumps label, and come on, these things are ridiculously awesome. So thank you, Jessica Simpson's design team; I hope these shoes don't fall apart on me like the Steve Maddens of my past.

I just had a good friend in town, and we painted the town red, or actually hung out in my room watching a lot of Dollhouse - my bed is red though, so it's sort of the same. I created a variety of vegan chocolate martinis, including a sort of vegan Pink Russian, made of vanilla soymilk with chocolate raspberry liquor. Yes, it was as amazing as it sounds.

Despite not being very exhausting, it was still, to some measure, exhausting; thus I've been hanging around catching up on the internets, and now of course we're back to blogging. Hopefully the weather will stop being made of fail so I can get back to my pleasant daily walks. Until then I will continue listening to the Plasticines and continuing to practice my stilt-walking.


  1. It's weird but I've actually found a ton of Jessica Simpson shoes I like. I don't begrudge her the celebrity design gig as much as I do others because every time I take another look at whatever she has out most recently, several shoes jump out at me. I've never bought any, but I've come close repeatedly. I doubt she has much input in the design process itself, but she certainly picked a good team.

  2. LISTEN DUDE I LOVE JESSICA SIMPSON SHOES! I ALWAYS like at least 3 or 4 pairs when I see them on the sales rack!