Monday, August 30, 2010

brutally rebuffed!

I suppose I didn't pay much attention to this D&G romper when it came down the runway on Siri.


But then something about this image stuck in my mind:

Edita Vilkeviciute by Camilla Akrans for Numero 116, September 2010

Over time I realized that I, too, really needed a sweater romper thing. What else would be so perfect for standing around in a forest of cherry blossom trees in the midst of an autumn sunset? I mean that describes my plans for fall like, perfectly.

But no, I thought. Eventually the cherry blossoms will fall, and then what? Then how will I wear it?

Anouck Lepere by Pablo Delfos for Elle Belgium, September 2010


Well, that's perfect then. I sit around on the floor looking pensive way more often than I frolic amongst the cherry blossoms. Suddenly this is a look I realize I could take anywhere - whether lounging decadently around my apartment, or taking it out with a pair of boots and being perfectly, insouciantly daring in a way no one would question, or adding a full skirt over it and nodding cleverly to the fact of winter while acknowledging that my West Coast zip code means I'll barely feel a chill.

So now a grey sweater romper has become a thing I need to own.

My journey takes me to the D&G store at the Forum Shops, where I've passed many a soft hour trying on all the runway pieces and sashaying around like I'd ever have reason to purchase a corseted ballgown. It's August, so fall should be trickling into stores already. I get there, though, and there's nothing that looks remotely familiar from the FW10 runways. Upon questioning this I find that much of the fall collection came in three weeks ago and sold out nearly immediately, in Las Vegas, in August. Maybe the people behind the accelerated fashion calender have something there.

I explain my quest to the shopkeepers, describing the romper in question. Nothing comes up in the computer search, so they bring out the runway lookbook. I find it, but the page only says where to get the cardigan worn over it. More searching ensues. Now we're committed; we will find this romper.

Well, there is one. One. Available on consignment, from the showroom, for editorials and the like.

Because it was never produced for proper sale.



  1. Duuuude. All the tumblr posts featuring that romper had Stockholmed me into loving & wanting it, so last week at work I was scouring the internets to see if I could find the price on it (just so I would know by exactly how much I couldn't afford it). I was describing it in detail to my office mate who was all "a sweater romper? really? *skeptical eyebrow lift*" and I was like YES REALLY and tried to explain how that second editorial made it clear that owning it and wearing it would make me feel like a late 19th century British poet. She still didn't get it, I didn't find anything, and now I know why. Woe.

    But I have managed to nearly replicate that look with a vest instead of a romper, and at flea market prices, so yay? The effect turned out to be more Renaissance poet, but I'll take it.

  2. I am trying, desperately, not to want to knit something like this... and failing.

    I want to see pictures of the back so that I could figure out the rear construction. The front looks fairly straightfoward.