Sunday, April 25, 2010

sea of shoelessness

The weather's getting warmer and life here in Las Vegas is getting exciting again, which is awesome because boy does it get tiring traveling to get to the exciting places.


Dress, vintage.

I welcomed the eighty degree weather yesterday with this secondhand dress. It has a sort of beachy, shipwrecky vibe to it, so I decided to play that up with Urban Decay eyeliner beneath my eyes in Electric, as well as their Pocket Rocket lip gloss in Eric.

Then I went to Crystals and spent probably two hours at Miu Miu, which FINALLY OPENED, and which is so beautiful in person that I got a bit verklempt. It's huge and gorgeous and stocked with so many of the SS10 runway pieces, many of which I tried on. Unfortunately most of the dressing room pictures I took turned out blurry, probably helped along by the champagne they plied me with. I then departed and hit up the coffeeshop at Crystals, where I chattered at the poor barista for awhile until some friends came over to entertain me. Not a bad day, all told. My life's at a bit of a crossroads right now, and rather than pick a road, I think I'm probably just going to see how much ground I can cover on each of them. We'll see how it goes.


  1. Love the colour of your dress, and how the print is on different layers!
    I've also been playing with coloured eye liner lately, it's such an easy way to make your eyes pop.

  2. That dress is so neat! Are those little clocks in the print? Awesome.