Sunday, July 11, 2010


I recently returned from a week long trip up to Oregon to visit my grandparents. We did a bunch of antiquing, so I did a bit of shopping, scored some ridiculous deals and got excited about non-Miu Miu SS10 fashion again. Oh vintage, how you satisfy my soul.

Here's a shirt I picked up, with my face cropped out because I looked terrible in literally every picture I took in this outfit. Coooool.

Shirt, vintage. Skirt, Diane von Furstenburg.

Worn with these heels, again. (Who's ever mad at a close-up though? Ignore the fact that my feet are, you know...feet.)

Shoes, Miu Miu.

Then today I felt a yen to break out this one, which I usually save for more formal occasions, but sometimes it's nice to just put on a pretty dress and go to the mall, you know?


Dress, vintage. Shoes, YSL.

I decided that documenting my life in pictures is worth it even with the exceedingly poor Sidekick camera, so if sporadic updates here aren't enough, then here's some candid action for you: Get into it!

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  1. The pattern of that dress is gorgeous! And you look STUNNING in it! <3