Monday, July 26, 2010

come on now sugar

I came back from Pennsylvania last week and have been practically immobile ever since, the better to stay cool in my always 78 degree apartment. This has involved a lot of sitting in my room in front of the fan, lately rewatching season one of Veronica Mars. I've also been working, which means a lot of writing about fashion while sitting on my bed in my pajamas. I'm getting pretty stoked about Fashion's Night Out, apparently we're going to have a lot going on here in Las Vegas. Yes! I will try to go to all of it, and if I can't find someone to pay me to write about the experience, maybe I will just write it all up for this here blog.

I got a recent question on the Perfect Outfit, and in the course of answering it I realized that I'd never posted about my current favorite outfit. Since I'm wearing it again today, here we go:

Skirt and top, both vintage.

Sometimes I can't believe I can just walk out the door and see this.



On a purely utilitarian level, I like that I can wear the skirt up high when I'm out and about, but if it gets too hot (it was 112 degrees yesterday. 112 degrees) I can just bare a little more midriff and prevent an ignoble death by heatstroke. I was recently at a vintage clothing dealer's, and in addition to giving me a sweet discount on the dress, top, and hat I purchased (coming soon: how to wear hats in 2010?), she informed me that this top is actually Victorian, which I hadn't realized. An undergarment, presumably, unless the Victorians were much freakier than I thought.

My friend Sara and I spent a lot of time in Adamstown, PA, which is fantastic town for antiquing and gorgeous besides. I came out six dresses richer, but I think the mercury needs to drop a dozen or so more degrees before I feel up to those necklines. Here's hoping.

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