Sunday, March 28, 2010

what, me worry?

It gave me great joy to debut this dress today. I'd been saving it for a good low seventies temperature, where bare arms would work but maybe not so much bare legs. It's from an Italian label called Cultura, and that's about all I can tell you about that since Google totally failed me in my quest to learn more.

It's pretty rare with me that I buy something that doesn't look like anything else in my wardrobe, but that was definitely the case here. It may actually be the only incidence of orange in my entire closet, and I certainly don't have anything else that's sheer in this particular way, but something about it kept me coming back as I roamed through Wasteland, and when I tried it on it just pleased me so much to wear it. So here we are.

Dress, Cultura. Sandals, Isaac Mizrahi for Target. Dweeby aw shucks grin, me.


Hope the weather is treating you all as well. :)

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