Tuesday, February 8, 2011


February so far's been slow but bright. I've derided Los Angelean style a bit in the past (all that comfort can make you lazy!) but I'm definitely seeing the appeal of light dresses that do all the talking for you. Also: hell yes flowers.

BFF and I hit up the Vintage Expo in Santa Monica this past weekend; it was much nicer once I decided to think of it as more of a really packed clothing museum where I could see beautiful pieces up close but not buy them. Oy, those prices. Hopefully Fashion Week will help remind me of the excitement of new things and offer a little pricing perspective - something brand new for $3,000 surely makes $300 for something a hundred years old seem reasonable. Which it is, right? Damn it, eBay and years of antique shopping, you've ruined me.

Here are a few things I've worn lately.

dress, Hussein Chayalan

1920s bra, eBay, hat from an antique shop

dress, Plenty by Tracy Reese. shoes, Vera Wang Lavender Label. flowered hair comb from the Expo

In between bouts of shaking my fist at capitalism, I've done a lot of walking around my neighborhood (it's pretty!) and reading more books than I have in awhile thanks to the Out of the Closet thrift shop and Stories cafe on Sunset, both of which offer a great stock of cheap used books and a ridiculous turnover that means I rarely leave without a new volume or three. Oh my god you guys: books. So great. Here are my most recent reads. (I am a total Malcolm Gladwell fangirl.)


I've also been haunting the internets for old magazines lately, and am currently on tenterhooks in anticipation of the arrival of the 1926 (!) issue of Harper's Bazaar that I managed to score for peanuts on eBay. Speaking of magazines, if my twice monthly blog updates just aren't enough for you (oh my god, how demanding are you), here's my latest published work. Laugh, cry, rend your garments, etc.

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