Tuesday, November 2, 2010

flowers and good cheer

I know this dress is awfully spring-y, but what can you do on a warm, sunny Los Angeles November day when the whole world is all bright and shiny and awesome? These pictures were taken right before the cartoon hummingbirds wove me a crown of daisies and I burst into song. True story. (Also, this is my patio. I'm feeling pretty good about it.)

Vintage dress, wedges from Target.


Striped fabric in the pockets. Delightful.

Today I visited Glendale to hit Target and Whole Foods, then came home and made a pitcher of cantaloupe green tea and took a walk in the park. I can see this becoming a theme. Tomorrow I will hit up the Pasadena Antique Mall and hopefully find some furniture.

Another favorite theme: I'm paid to write about stuff. Here is the evidence of that (also available in glorious print if you're a Nevadan - go Harry Reid!). This month we had the shop page, a gift guide, and a fashion feature:

Life remains pretty neat. I hope you all are well. ♥


  1. I'm not going to lie, this dress has brighten up my whole day.