Thursday, October 14, 2010

the red and the black and the white

Why tell when I can show?

Vintage dress, American Apparel headband, Proenza Schouler shoes.




You can probably guess the story: I saw them, I loved them, I coveted them, they were never put into production, Opening Ceremony put six pairs of the runway shoes up for sale (still two pairs left!), my favorites were in my size, I bought them, I paced around waiting for them to arrive, they did, celebration ensued, etc.

They're the highest heels I own and the most comfortable to walk in. The sort of hoof-like appearance translates weirdly to how they wear - the heel pitches you forward in an unusual way, so each step you take has to be a bit stompier than normal. There's something very natural about it, though, when I wear them I don't feel like I'm walking in heels, I just feel like I'm walking. This means I want to wear them everywhere, which I have been. They're even easy to drive in.

I've been wearing this particular outfit around a lot lately, I love the color combination and how the cut of the dress echoes the schoolgirl Oxford pattern of the shoes. It also looks sweet with some over-the-knee socks. I'm excited to wear these shoes for the rest of my life! Seriously. It's kind of awkward how much I love them.

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  1. those shoes are AMAZING

    and the entire look is stunning. <3